National Supercomputing Systems Annual Report

The Annual report is a very effective mechanism that presents the current state of affairs of any activity while dispelling various confusion around. “National PARAM Supercomputing Systems - Annual Report 2021” presents a detailed account of PARAM systems installed at various locations along with additional data related to the utilization, availability, users, domain applications, and many more. The report is sufficient enough to persuade the reader about past and ongoing activities while assuring the effectiveness of the mission.

The initial section of the report discusses the PARAM system installed at C-DAC. At present total of eight systems viz. PARAM Siddhi AI, PARAM Yuva-II, PARAM Shrestha, PARAM Neel, PARAM BIOEMBRYO, PARAM Inferno, PARAM Rudra, and PARAM Trinetra are hosted by C-DAC, Pune whereas PARAM Utkarsh is deployed at C-DAC Bangalore followed by technical specification, usage statistics, system availability, system utilization, etc. of each of this system.

To access the 2021 report please visit the National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Annual Report-2021 .

NSM user community has shared their work reports and briefs of the same with the respective NSM site’s detail section. The detailed work report can be found in the Appendix National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Appendix-2021.

Kindly visit National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Annual Report-2022 for more details.

To access the comprehensive annual report 2022 kindly visit the National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Comprehensive annual report-2022


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