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About nsm infrastructure

The National Supercomputing Mission aims at achieving the goals of attaining self-reliance in supercomputing, building the culture of using supercomputing for carrying out R&D and problem-solving in various domains of scientific and technological endeavours, and designing solutions for various societal applications, and positioning the supercomputing ecosystem in the country at a globally competitive level.
The mission envisages creating a national infrastructure of supercomputing systems and facilities of different size and scale distributed across the country but seamlessly integrated over National Knowledge Commission Network. 

The size and scale of various systems and facilities to be created as part of the infrastructure under this mission are divided into three varieties of supercomputing systems viz. Large Supercomputers, Mid-Range Supercomputers and Entry-level Supercomputers.


Completed NSM Sites

PARAM Shivay   PARAM Shakti   PARAM Brahma   PARAM Yukti




PARAM Sanganak   PARAM Pravega   PARAM Seva   PARAM Smriti




PARAM Utkarsh   PARAM Ganga   PARAM Ananta   PARAM Porul




PARAM Himalaya   PARAM Kamrupa   PARAM Siddhi-AI    





 Upcoming NSM Sites


Phase 3

20 PF – C-DAC, Pune

3 PF – IIT, Madras

3 PF – IIT, Bombay

3 PF – IUAC, Delhi


100 TF Different Architecture Systems




  • Accessing NSM HPC System

For accessing the nsm hpc system kindly contact  nsmsupport@cdac.in

Annual Report

2021 2022
National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Annual Report-2021 National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Annual Report-2022
National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Appendix-2021 National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Comprehensive Annual Report-2022
  National PARAM Supercomputing Systems Appendix-2022
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